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Architecture Tsunami Exhibition by NextARCH Lab

Sunday, April 14, 2019 - all day

Event Details

Sunday, April 14, 2019 - all day
Medhat Haroun Court, AUC at AUC Avenue, New Cairo, Egypt

NextARCH Lab
+201007788776 +201007788776

Real estate development appears to be the dominating planning paradigm driving the new development and progression of the "newer" city of Cairo deeper into the desert. Architecture Tsunami is an exhibition of questions that emerged from a research project conducted through a grant from AUC. The research was a focused exploration of the corporate architecture that makes up the roads that form the spine of New Cairo -- the skewed halves of Roads 90 South and North. The research sought to hear, or rather decipher what the architecture of the economic powerhouses of the new economy says about the language of contemporary architecture in Egypt. This is a question of particular interest in view of the new vision for Egypt in the making that is symbolically being given a new form in a new administrative capital. 

Architecture Tsunami attempts to follow the wave that has built up energy starting with the labor migration to the east (the Gulf) in the late seventies. This wave was manifested in the following decades in a gushing building frenzy in the deserts to the east and west of the city, literally rotating the axis of the city in the process and giving rise to a new architectural language and aesthetics. This rising wave appears to be reaching its peak and is now falling back on the original city to upgrade it and renew it in its new image.

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NextARCH Lab

Phone: +201007788776 +201007788776

Medhat Haroun Court, AUC

AUC Avenue, New Cairo, Egypt


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